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Property Management Procurement Services

Property Management is more than collecting rent.

The role of Property Management is as complex and diverse as the property being managed. A split customer base — owner vs. tenant — with often contrary interests require a high level of diplomacy and understanding of their respective situations. Covid has held a magnifying glass to this situation. Amongst the ‘hard skills’ assessed in a tender process, these ‘soft skills’ have to be taken into consideration.

Tender Preparation

Preparation of the tender documents includes:
  • Property description, building specifications
    • Quantities
    • Rent and cost levels
    • Reporting
    • Financial management
  • Contract specifications
  • Description of interfaces and deliverables
    • Asset Management
    • Facility Management
    • Accounting
    • Development
    • Leasing (if separate from Property Management)
  • Draft Contract


The positioning of the Property Management determines the specifications for the service which will be integrated into the service concept design. Besides drawing on our own experience we apply the recently established standard specifications for Property Management contracts:

BAMBI – Circle of Real Estate. The BAMBI Circle is an association of 27 investment companies and property management companies that aims to develop joint initiatives to promote the continuous professionalization of the German real estate industry. Essentially, the alliance focuses on the creation of market transparency, benchmarks, best practice strategies and closer cooperation between market participants. The Circle is sustained by the commitment of its managing directors, the management board members and the executives of the constituent companies.
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Tender Process

  1. We run a pre-qualification in the form of a writen interview for the candidates. This also serves as an announcement for potential candidates prepare for a tender and, for example, consider their capacity options early.
  2. We will provide a table of returns with the answers and rank the candidates with a pre-agreed points system. Together with the stakeholders in the client organisation we then identify the short list for the actual tender.
    This process also can provide advance warning of possible issues regarding insufficient market response.
  3. Tender execution.
  4. Contract and pricing negotiations support
  5. Onboarding

Throughout the tender process, we report and co-ordinate with the client's designated managers and purchase departments.