Facility Management
Property Management

Operational Concepts

Operational Concepts and Strategies

A wide variety of requirements are placed on real estate. Quality, user satisfaction, profitability and efficiency are the main focus. It is important to unite user and investor interests, to achieve the best possible quality across all trades and to keep the costs of construction and operation as low as possible.


It is the task of Property management and facility management to optimally harmonise these requirements and interests and to achieve the specified qualitative and quantitative targets. Only in this way can the property achieve its best performance as an asset.


We develop operational concepts for complex, multipurpose, mixed-use individual properties as well as development sites with interdependent projects that are or will be legally separated whilst operationally tied.

Development Sites

The assessment will include e.g.
  • Right of way
  • Easements
  • Competition protection
  • Duty to operate shared facilities
  • Joint management of shared facilities
  • Cost distribution
  • Location marketing concepts and contracts

DevelopmeNt Sites

Identification of joint facilities and utilities as well as savings potentials.
  • Technical "master-slave" relationships
  • Need for joint operation
  • Determination of best location for control units
  • Accessibility of control units for joint facilities
  • Metering for cost allocation
  • Inspection and maintenance regime

DevelopmeNt Sites

The legal and technical interdependencies are translated into operational instructions for the property management and facility management for the joint facilities or the respective services for the indvidual plots.
Roles and responsibilities are defined and allocated. The payments streams are set up. Default mechanisms are determined.
the most obvious areas are:
  • Outside security
  • Grey cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Snow clearing including surrounding areas
  • Lighting incl. energy cost and maintenance
Further opportunities are dependent on the specific situation, e.g. the operation of joint parking facilities.

Profitability and Reputation

For a successful real estate strategy both aspects Profitability and Reputation are key aspects. Our approach to achieving these goals includes these activities:
  • Optimization of real estate and management costs
  • Improvement of the quality provided
  • Determination of individually required services (service levels)
  • General performance and process optimization
  • Benchmarking for process, price and performance against the market)
  • Risk Management
  • Establishing clear real estate controlling (balanced scorecards, KPI)

Strategic Development Concepts

With everything running under full steam there often is no time to lean back an look at risks and potentials. With a sharpened "outsider" view we help real estate businesses to develop strategic concepts for individual properties and property portfolios.