Facility Management

Procurment Services

Procurement Services

We offer management of the full purchasing process in co-operation with the purchasing department as well as individual sub-steps of the process. One such sub-step could be an Operational BIM Survey, collecting all necessary as build data for a correct tender specification.


The first step will always be a high-level needs assessment and a goal-setting process with the stakeholders of the organization. What should be achieved through the (re-)purchasing of the Facility Management Services?
  • Cost savings - always on the list
  • Service improvements
  • Outsourcing of current in-house services
  • Insourcing, reduction of external services
  • Process improvements
  • Contribution to the Digital Transformation of the business

Tender Strategy

The main components are the duration of and the budget for the FM tender for a contract award. In the case of portfolio tenders, we propose the optimal lot size and evaluate the attractiveness of possible variants for the service provider market. Based on the mandate, together with the purchasing department, we define the components of the tender package to be awarded and bring the necessary information into a concept. In this way, we can bundle facility management services that were previously awarded individually as complete packages. This reduces the management efforts and costs.

control model, contract type

We define the communication channels and designated contact persons. In doing so, we consider current market developments and the client’s interests. We will advise on the appropriate mix of services (total FM, individual award, involvement of initial building contractors, etc.) and take regulations for warranties into account. We pay particular attention to the correct representation of interfaces such as between client business units like production and FM, landlord / tenant, client and the local council or other parties with interests in the property.

Service Descriptions and Asset Register

The volume of work at this step is significantly larger for new build properties and depends on the quality of the project management for the construction.
  • Collating all asset register information
    • This often includes reminding the planning engineers of their duties
  • Review building documentation
  • Review guarantee conditions
  • Determination of individually required services (service levels)
  • Review utilities contracts to be managed
  • Determine the involvement of the facility manager in the snagging and warranty tracking
  • Risk Management, insurance requirements
  • Tenant requirements
This list is not exhaustive and will be determined based on the specific property and client needs.

For properties already under operation with a track record we will check the accuracy of the existing asset register and specifications and propose the way forward accordingly. Depending on the age of the building and the latest survey we may suggest a fresh survey usable for Operational BIM.

Awarding process

The transparancy requirements of the client's ESG policy will determine the exact roadmap. In the awarding process, the most suitable service provider is proposed for selection. We can act as an external purchasing department or provide technical support for the purchasing department. We support the preparation of the contract documents.

The tender process is very much like it is decribed in the Property Management section → Tender Process

Start-Up and Implementation

Through the  support of the set-up of the services we ensure a smooth start. This is especially critical for new or refurbished buildings going into their first operation. Here we will provide the interface between the FM-Service provider and the planning and construction teams. Based on our experience, there is still much information outstanding or incomplete at the start of operations.