Facility Management

Planning Consultancy

Planning Consultancy

As part of our FM consulting to accompany the planning and construction process, we analyse existing project documents, based on,

  • the requirements for later operation,
  • the specific wishes of the client and
  • our expertise

We develop an operating concept that is updated and successively detailed throughout the planning phases. The existing planning (architecture, M&E, landscaping, etc.) is checked against this concept and deviations are highlighted, discussed and resolved in consultation with the respective planners.

Usage requirements

A user or owner, has specific ideas about the purpose of a property. However, it is not always clear whether those ideas cover all requirements. We support the definition of specific requirements and monitor the implementation.

Operating Concept

An operating concept summarizes all essential usage requirements for a building. This results in structural and technical essentials that must be observed by all involved in the planning process and monitored. All requirements and scenarios for the later use of the building and its surroundings are pulled together in an operating concept. We actively interact with the planners, so that any operationally necessary adjustments can be implemented in the planning process.

Usage Costs

We provide first usage cost calculations in the planning and creation phase based on DIN 18960. We determine the cost drivers for the provision, use and maintenance of structural and technical systems and suggest measures to optimize the management quality and propose measures for cost reductions.

Life cycle costs (LCC)

We calculate all costs for the property that arise over the life cycle. In addition to the pure usage costs, this also includes the construction costs, which can then be allocated to the planned operating timespan.

M&E plan review

We examine the plans and schematics for the operation and management of the building, e.g.,

  • Metering concepts for HVAC, electricity, and water,
  • Flexibility of reassignment of rooms and areas to different rental units,
  • Accessibility for maintenance and repair.

Data Management

Data management in the creation phase: In building operations and for facility management, it is essential to be able to access valid and current data. To guarantee this, future data management should be considered in the planning and construction phase. We not only provide support in the selection of a suitable data management system (software), but also with regard to content and structures. We monitor the consistency with set rules in the planning process, e.g., usability of asset identifiers in a CAFM-System.

Commissioning Management

Many construction projects are highly complex, in which a large number of technical systems have to work together to produce overall functionality. This is where our services for cross-trade commissioning management come in—we create and control the entire commissioning and takeover process by defining, checking and evaluating the commissioning process, the cross-trade function of all relevant systems and functions.

Defects Coordination

We control and monitor the elimination of defects after completion of the building as part of the acceptance process. This includes,

  • o Monitoring the acceptance of defects as part of the handover and the tracking of the defect claims,/li>
  • Creation and control of a list of defects,
  • Creation of a limitation calendar for claiming for defects.