Interdisciplinary Approach

The process of Real Estate Consulancy has to be dialogue-based, involving the client at key gateways, starting with the definition of the expected outcome. It requires close integration of all functions involved - Facility Mangement, Property Management, Asset Management and IT.

We bring the expertise to provide the 'bridge' and break down the established silos to achieve better and faster results through our approach.

We can take you all the way through the implementation and start-up process.

Uwe Falkenberg

All disciplines assembling a puzzle

Proven Track Record

Operating since 2006, Falkenberg Solutions - Real Estate Consultants has delivered solutions to numerous diverse types of clients, from international pension funds to private investors. Dealing with various asset classes from high-rise office towers and mixed-use properties to apartment blocks. Projects involving newbuild, renovations and optimizing operations, make up our extensive portfolio of achievements.

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Our Services

Coogs working together

Project Consulting

  • Operational deliverables for planners
  • Gateway Reviews of the planning stages
  • Operational cost estimates to inform planning solutions
  • Operational data management, start-up and snagging
  • Operational Concepts

  • Assess user requirements
  • Facility Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Energy Management
  • Security Concept
  • Communication structures
  • ProcurEment

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Tender Documents
  • Tender Execution and Assessment
  • Draft Contract and Negotiations
  • Data management

  • Agree desired functionality
  • Assess systems environment
  • Establish data models
  • Define interfaces between systems
  • Data collection

    Listening to the needs, concerns and aspirations of our clients is the starting point of any project we undertake.


    Consulting is a structured dialogue to find the best solution.


    An implementation executed with precision will ensure the best outcome for our clients and our clients' clients.

    How are we different?

    Due to the diversity and depth of experience, our proposed solutions are by nature interdisciplinary. What does that mean in practice? From direct involvement in the delivery of these services, we know the needs of facility management, property management and asset management to inform the discussions of concepts. This already influences the drafts of the data models and facilitates the connection of other systems to the Common Data Environment (CDE), crucial for a successful Digital Transformation of business processes.


    Our Values

    Our values guide our conduct towards our clients, towards the community and within our business. We observe ecological as well as social and economic standards.
    ESG is more than "a thing you have to do", it is part of our fabric and we also apply the standards to the projects we work on.

    Why Choose Us?

    Deeply rooted in the regional market

    Our regional network reaches back to 1986. Participating in the dynamic development of the region supporting national and international investment in the real estate market has defined our reputation.

    Interdisciplinary experience

    With a trackrecord as property developer, asset manager and property manager as well as numerous consultancy mandates in these areas along with facility management consultancy we bring an expanse of experience to the table.

    Outcome Focused

    For the service concepts we design for our clients as well as for our own service delivery, we focus on the outcome for the client.
    Service Level Agreements SLA and
    Key Performance Indicators KPI
    are our standard tools.

    Certified BIM Surveyors

    To guarantee the quality and integrity of the data used in the Operational BIM data sets, we are closely involved in the data collection on site. We are certified Operational BIM surveyors.

    Roadmap to a Digital Twin Template

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