Property Management

Auditing Services

Auditing Services

Based on our wealth of experience in all aspects of Facility Management Services we perform audits of the services provided by the contracted partners. This applies to so called Total FM contracts (TFM) as well as contract packages for individual services or groups of services, e.g. Technical FM and Infrastructural FM.

Our audits reveal the quality of the facility management services. The main guideline is the contract but just as important are legal requirements and technical norms

contract fulfilment

The main aspects of the contract fulfiment are assessed through:

  • Reporting
  • Documentation of legal requirments
  • Technical documentation
  • Service levels delivered
  • Costs incurred in line with the contract and the market
  • Evaluation of the Quality Management conducted by the service provider.

Site Audit

During the course of the Site Audit we will

  • Interview the service provider
  • Check technical systems and on site documentation
  • Assess the service quality against the service levels in the contract, e.g. cleaning
  • Check the operational documentation and mandatory testing
  • Assess current and past invoices against the status on site


Following the facility management audit, a detailed report will be issued. This contains all contractually committed but not or incorrectly performed services. Classification and evaluation of all complaints, providing insights into the quality of the service delivery of the contracted services

Together with all parties, we create a timetable for eliminating all complaints, set deadlines and monitor implementation.
We assess if the service concept and provider are the best choice and provide recommendations. Should it be necessary, we will also support the search for a new facility management service provider. More details on this subject here >> Facility Management Procurement Services