Property Management

Concept Design

Property Management Concept Design

Property Management is a multifaceted service burdened with misunderstandings.

There are numerous aspects that determine the deliverables of a Property Management Service and therefore the best organization and processes. The main aspects will be discussed here.


Where is the Property Management legally attached? Where does it turn to for decissions? Who is the contract partner? Here is a list of factors to be considered when setting up or ontracting a Property Management Service.

  • Inhouse department or external service provider
  • External but inter-company
  • Direct relationship with the owner or via an Asset Management
  • Technical requirements, definition of interface with Facility Management
  • New built, involvement in handover procedures to owner and/or tenants
  • Involvement in warranty issues
  • IT environment and interfaces

These are some of the items we address in the set-up process.


The Positioning of the Property Management determines the specifications for the service specifications will be integrated into the service concept design. Besides drawing on our own experience we apply the recently established standard specifications for Property Management contracts:

BAMBI – Circle of Real Estate. The BAMBI Circle is an association of 27 investment companies and property management companies that aims to develop joint initiatives to promote the continuous professionalization of the German real estate industry. Essentially, the alliance focuses on the creation of market transparency, benchmarks, best practice strategies and closer cooperation between market participants. The Circle is sustained by the commitment of its managing directors, the management board members and the executives of the constituent companies.

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Building Blocks

Which building blocks of the specifications are applicable is determined by the positioning of the service and the goals of the investment strategy for the individual property or a portfolio.

  1. Onboarding – process and project management, communication structures, information transfer- new build and operational
  2. Commercial property management – budgeting, cash management, commercial optimization
  3. Data management, reporting and document management
  4. Technical property management
  5. Letting services
  6. Support of selling activities
  7. Offboarding
  8. ESG – Environment, social, governance, EU taxonomy

We select, adjust and propose the individual specifications substantiating these building blocks according to the positioning of the service.